The food was delicious but they accidentally gave us pork dumplings instead of porn buns.
0 stars should be an option. I placed my order at 6:41pm and my order was not delivered until shortly after 9pm. We made several calls to the restaurant and during each call, the person at the restaurant had no idea what to say or what was going on. Very incompetent. They did not offer a refund of any sort, and by the time our tea was delivered, it was very watery and not of good flavor.
The food was great, but I had no idea when the order would be ready. Usually an estimated time is provided or acknowledgement of the order being received.
Was a group order for work and every person was very pleased with their food. Delivery was prompt and painless. Will order again!
They called when I was on my way to pick it up to tell me they didn't have either kind of dumpling, and asked if they could replace them with steamed and fried pork buns. I agreed. It took a really long time for the food to be prepared to go. I have a feeling that, because I was paying cash, they didn't start the food until I got there and paid for it. They charged me the higher prices for pork buns. I thought that since they suggested the substitution, I would get charged for the dumplings. Nope! The food, however, was uniformly excellent. I will be going back after they have the full menu.
Any questions please call us.